Halloween Traditions

Halloween for me has always been a more important holiday the any other. I grew up with a family that celebrated everything but halloween was always a bit different, a bit more special.

Every holiday calls for it's own traditions but Halloween is the only one that holiday that encouraged our creative talents and fierce competativness. From the moment we hit the pumpkin patch it was about finding the biggest and most perfect pumpkin, creatively customizing the carving pattern and then came the decorating of the house. Surprisingly we were never really to involved with costumes but with everything that led to the wow for trick-or-treaters. 

Up until I moved to the other side of the country every Halloween I would be at my parents house handing out candy. Now living in an apartment building I get to donate candy to be handed out in the lobby,  but that amazing feeling of decorating the front of the house and placing carved pumpkins outside my door, which is the universal symbol for candy here doesn't exist. I have still upheld the tradition of stomping through the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin, but without a door to place my pumpkin it can feel like a bit of a waste.


This is where I tell you about the Pumpkin Parade! I found it my chance through a friend at work talking about it and I fell I love with the idea. The day after Halloween everyone brings their pumpkins together at a local park for one last light. Pumpkin Parades have only been around for the last ten years but they are a growing trend. We have only been going to the pumkin parade for the last 3 years but I love it! Everyone enjoying each others carves, cookies and hot chocolate donated by the local Tim Hortons and kids running around laughing and dancing while the Monster Mash plays in the background. Sometimes it can be hard to hold up traditions but creating new ones can be magical. 

Thanks for reading,

- Karla