Creating with others

I don't know if you know this about me but I love to create! That was the entire purpose of this blog, to share with others the things I create. The only problem is that I am only sharing what I make and not the experience of making with others. 


I am that person who works about 10 hours a day at my job to go home and start working on one of my projects until it is time for bed. I am praised for being creative and often told "I don't know how you find the time" or "your always doing something". The truth is that I only make time for my projects and I have a nasty habit of not sitting still. Even at this very moment as I type this I am sitting on the train heading home and couldn't stand the idea of not doing something while on the train and since I didn't bring my yarn you dear person who is reading this are stuck with this post. don't worry though, it gets better...maybe.

So back to creating and making! 😊


Tonight I met up with a friend and instead of having the usual dinner out we painted and then ate! It was amazing to have someone to create with, breaking up the humdrum of the day being creative with a friend. To make it even easier we went and did this at a local place that provides a plethora of ceramic items that you paint and pick up later all gloss and lovely! The great part is that there are lots of places out there like this that offer a creative outlet for individuals. 

Now I understand that I can't invite everyone over to craft with me, (seriously though if you are interested though shoot me a message) but what is the point of making if I am not sharing the experience physically with other people. What is the point of creating if it only results in people praising me for what is honestly a horrible antisocial habit that does nothing to create an actual community of creating but instead a way to feed my ego. 


So dear reader, you might be asking yourself what now? I have told you I had an awesome time with a friend, that I have a bad habit of not sharing my time and that seeking praise through a blog is not a way to create a sense of community with those around me. So I was thinking, wouldn't be amazing to do a lync up crafting session? Maybe once a month where we can just hang out with each other working on our projects or maybe creating a group project to work on. Hmmm, my mind is whirling with possibilities! This might just be amazing💖. 

Let me know if this is something you might be interested in and I will see what I can put together 😊.

- Karla