How did I get here? - Splaterings from my mind while sitting on the Train


I found myself looking in the bathroom mirror wonder 'how did I get here?'. Here being neither a possative or negative only an it. I am here, but how did I get to be here, here as in this person. 

I have not done anything particularity extrodinary with my life, and will never really be a very important person to the world in a grander view, I play a part... but is is truly my part? I fit it yes but what would happen if I out grew it. Dangerouse thoughts don't you think? Well maybe not dangerouse but potentially bold. 

if I out grew my current 'here' than where would I be?

Peggy Lee plays in the background that is my living sound track. Yes Peggy, let's just keeping dancing. 


- Karla